SRC Executive Team


Nicole Zanesco


An animal-loving chocolate cake connoisseur and bookworm. Going into her third year, Nicole is a student originally from Calgary. Her academic focus is on nation building, identity, and institutions and their ruling documents. Find out more...

SRC Answers-01-01

Hayley Birss


A trans-provincial fetus fanatic from the East. Hayley is originally from Waterloo ON, but home is now the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. She is in her third year, and her question is "What is the role of the fetus in medicine?". Find out more...


Max Notarangelo

Minister of Finance

A self-described Excel-lover who enjoys discussing the nature of probability. Max is from “outside Seattle,” a region which shrinks or grows depending on the mental state of the person referring to it.  Find out more...

SRC Ministers


Okong'o Kinyanjui

Minister of Human Rights

Okong'o strives to have critical conversations daily and challenge institutionalized oppression in innovative ways. He is passionate about ideas and helping people build and implement them, so feel free come to him with yours! Find out more...


Isaac Menninga

Concentration Representative

Running for the American presidency in 2020. Isaac, originally from Seattle, is in his fourth year at Quest. He takes his role as the Concentration Representative very seriously, even hiring an agent to assist him in his duties. Find out more... 


Ava Swanson

Minister of Arts & Culture

A musician, actor, director & (slowly but surely) producer. Ava is going into her third art-invested year at Quest. Her question is, 'How is Performance Embodied?' through which she explores artistic and identity performance. Find out more... 


Farrah Moussa

Minister of Internationalization

An aspiring anthropology aficionado from Egypt. Farrah enjoys learning about different cultures, folklore dancing, cooking international food. Her Question is, "How can Human cultural differences resolve intercultural conflicts?". Find out more... 


Arlette Akingeneye

Minister of Health & Wellness

A supporter of some warranted peace and quiet, as well as valuable friendships. Arlette is a Fourth-year student exploring her Question"What Factors Can Contribute to the Successful Implementation of Health Policies in East Africa?" Find out more...


Emily Bison

Foundation Representative

A passionate pupil with a knack for chemistry. Emily (also known as Biz) is from Kamloops, BC. Her question is "How do I synthesize safe products?" and she is beginning her third year of enthusiastic academic growth at Quest. Find out more...


Ian Connolly

Minister of Environment

Ian studies water resource management and conservation, but is passionate about all things environmental. When he is not studying, he is usually outside, either in the woods, or on the slops at Whistler. Find out more...


Sasha Broadwater

Minister of External Affairs

Wholely invested in her important role, Sasha joined the SRC in order to become more involved in the Quest community. Over the next year she hopes to expand student access not only to Squamish but the greater Vancouver area. Find out more...


Tala Schlossberg

Minister of Recreation

A competitive Bananagrams enthusiast by blood. Tala is a third year from Eugene, Oregon. Growing up with an abundance of hiking, biking, sports and board games, she knows the value of recreational activities in everyday life. Find out more...

SRC Staff


Valerie Fowles

Communication Officer 

In addition to working with the SRC this year, Val is a member of the Mark masthead as marketing director and a co-organizer of the Our_Futures academic colloquia. If you talk to her in person beware her horrible puns and her strong opinions on corn. Find out more...


Josie Bauman

Media Director

Although Josie’s question is “How should we preserve culture?”, her passions lie in trying out crafts she saw on the internet, playing with her camera and violin, and making bagels. She’ll be putting these skills to use as a floor rep this year. Find out more...


Who dat!


Be quiet! Why? The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. That is why I am your king. Find out more...


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