Emily Bison

Foundation Representative

A passionate pupil with a knack for chemistry. Emily (also known as Biz) is from Kamloops, BC. Her question is "How do I synthesize safe products?" and she is beginning her third year of enthusiastic academic growth at Quest. Since starting at Quest, her passions for academia have grown and inspired her to become the Foundation Representative. She is very excited to be this year's Foundation Rep and to work with students and faculty to continue to improve the foundation system. Come to her with your thoughts, feedback and initiatives as the foundation program continues to develop and improve with input from the student body! She has many goals that she is excited to work on including increased transparency and communication, accessibility, developing a new block rep program, and giving back to the dedicated tutors. Additionally, she is excited to continue supporting students working to improve the transfer credit system. Most of all, she strongly urges anyone who is interested to come to her with their thoughts, feedback and initiatives so that she can work with and support them any way that she can!