Max Notarangelo

Minister of Finance

A self-described Excel-lover who enjoys discussing the nature of probability. Max is from “outside Seattle,” a region which shrinks or grows depending on the mental state of the person referring to it. Max’s Question is “How can I win?” and he is studying decision theory and game theory. His broader academic interests include mathematics, philosophy, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. He tried to write an algorithm to write this bio, but couldn’t get all the bugs worked out. Here’s an example of what the algorithm generated:

“Max wall sneaky crime jam object cat arrive noxious lamentable kittens gruesome friends abiding star chickens certain daffy eggs puncture edge tenuous quiet addicted fool ruddy hop talk force bite motion garrulous twist doll great used sulky acid include sloppy plug quack flash far-flung memorize position rough occur Question tail pray expect possessive bubble delicate stiff ruthless teeny-tiny right minor bat blind crowd selective dime mixed elbow mug seashore offend Minister of Finance breathe crib snail supply sisters return rinse bruise check cagey surprise naughty quirky kitty soak cautious queue busy spot reduce flower roll purpose quick surround righteous want start rate wine drab.”

As Minister of Finance, he plans to balance the budget and advocate for creative ways to save money on events. He wants to make it known that the SRC is always accepting donations.