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Apply for funding

Thought of an event, project, or item you believe will contribute to the Quest student community? The SRC supports all student initiatives they deem valuable for the community. Just fill out the form and join us at the next funding meeting to witness your idea become a reality.

Ratify a club or a group

Ratification is just a fancy word for "can officially apply as a group for funding from the SRC" If you are part of a group of students with a common interest or cause, come get ratified in a few easy steps. See list of clubs & groups here.

Student Development Grant

Student Development Grants provide funding to individual Quest students with the intention of promoting community engagement, student initiatives, activism/advocacy events, and skills training within.

Student Initiative Grant

Student Initiative Grants are similar to Student Development Grants, but are specifically for on-campus projects like the Kermode Cave, the recording studio, etc.

Artistic Social Enterprise Fund

Photography Club Sign-in/Sign-out

The Artistic Social Enterprise Fund grants funding to student art initiatives (Sculptures, Exhibitions, Concerts etc.), with the intention of monetising the initiative and using the return to pay the artist, donate to a cause, and give back to the fund.

Rent photography club equipment here!


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Sign up for our weekly newsletter and never miss any cool stuff that happens at Quest!


We are always happy to hear from you! Get in touch directly with our Communication Officers or reach out at src@questu.caYou can also send us a letter at 3200 University Blvd, Squamish, BC V8B 0N8, CanadaMake sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram