Tala Schlossberg

Minister of Recreation

A competitive Bananagrams enthusiast by blood. Tala is a third year from Eugene, Oregon. Growing up with an abundance of hiking, biking, sports and board games, she knows the value of recreational activities in everyday life. She believes that recreation in its' many forms is an integral part of a positive University experience and is looking forward to expanding the scope of recreation at Quest in order to maximize accessibility. Her enjoyment of intramurals and other successful events during her first two years coupled with the realization that there is a large gap in the current scope of recreation at Quest ultimately drove her to become Minister of Recreation. She wants to incorporate more residence tournaments throughout the year as she believes recreation acts as a powerful tool for team building. She also plans on increasing alternative forms of recreation such as game nights and trivia, as she realizes organized sports do not appeal to everyone. Specific events she plans to introduce include "How Well Do You Know Your Roommate?" (first piloted last winter on a previously uneventful weekend evening) as well as the creation of Quest's first officially recognized Bananagrams League.